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Who Am I?

My name is Dave.  I am an Auckland based WordPress designer with 13 years experience in giving my clients the right solutions online.  I came from an IT background and this also helps me to understand the full spectrum of issues that can affect website operations especially in the area of security.  I am passionate about giving the  pre-sale, post-sale full customer experience. I am the expert who small business owners like will need not just until you go live but to be with you long term like you second brain in regards to welfare of your websites, the ease of use by your customers and help with the constant need for changes to your content to keep your web presence fresh and up-to-date.

What I Do

With well over 500 websites built and great 24/7 support, I am able to design and build a website that will work for you, showing your brand, offering easy-to-use functionality for your visitors and search engine optimisation to help you get noticed on the search engines.  My business is a full-service web agency specialising in web design and development. Serving all of New Zealand for more than 13 years as a leading web designer and developer, providing small business brilliant website services, ranging from custom web designs, ecommerce solutions, WordPress migrations, digital marketing strategies and more.

How I Do It

To make it easy to get online I offer only three packages: The basic package is $690 + GST and the business package with everything is $990 + GST standard package. and an eCommerce Shopping cart website for $1290 + GST.  There are many companies with a range of package which can confuse those that don’t know where to start.  I suggest if you are in that position then this is the package to start with. However if you want something different please ask for a no obligation quote. We will be happy to discuss your  requirements

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The Key Benefits of my $1290 Package


Our special price includes everything you need to go online. By having me design your website you will still someone who has a good eye for detail as well as great functionality and no extra charges on top for the first year. Hosting and website maintenance is free for this period.

Responsive (Mobile Ready)

Responsive means the ability to change or adapt quickly. Basically your website is built to be mobile and tablet friendly all within the one coding. With so many these days using mobiles while on the go, its critical to make sure your website is responsive.

Get Found Online Quickly

Its great to have a new website but unless it is high in the ranking on search engines like Google and Bing then your business wont reap the benefits on going online. We don't charge you extra to make sure that you are found online. This is a saving of hundreds of dollars in your first year.

Great Designs

Just because I am cheaper than the rest, I still work only with quality themes. Every website I design I try my best to make it better than the last one. I want you to be proud of your new website and also that the visitors coming to it have a great user experience.

Basic Get Online Plan
  • 1 Year of hosting included
  • Up to 5 pages of content
  • Mobile Friendly
  • CMS - You can update text and images
  • SSL Security
  • Logo Design
  • Business Email (1)
  • Google Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO 1 Year
  • Support for 1 year
Ecommerce Plan
  • 1 Year of hosting included
  • Unlimited Products
  • Woocommerce Cart
  • CMS - You can update text and images
  • SSL Security
  • Logo Design
  • Business Emails (2)
  • Google Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Support for 1 year

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  • Better communication

  • Understand of your requirements the first time

  • Quicker to go live

  • Attention to details

  • Great after sales support


Affordable web design for small business
Affordable web design for small business
New Zealand Webdesigner
Affordable web design for small business

New Zealand Webdesigner
New Zealand Web designer

Affordable web design for small business


022 394 2439

Affordable web design for small business

    More About My Affordable Web Design For Small Business

    What You Will Get From My Work

    • Increase your business inquiries.
    • Make your information easily accessible.
    • Improve your professional image.
    • Provide a great online user experience.
    • Let me focus on your business.

    Simply tell our team what you want, and we’ll get you started with a compelling website or online store in as little as 7 days.

    What I Can Do You You

    • Design or redesign your website.
    • Make your website mobile-friendly.
    • Market your website on search engines.
    • Provide web hosting & branded emails.
    • Make audio-video presentation.
    • Logo design and collaterals.

    More reasons to ask me to assist you in your web design:


    Quality work.

    I offer high-quality premium website design services that are customised according to your requirements. My goal is to work with you closely to understand your company’s online target audience and address their specific needs and giving you more options.  Having more options available to you means that you can mix and match elements from different concepts and incorporate them into the final design.

    Vast experience.

    I have worked with hundreds of individuals, small businesses, start-up businesses, and large corporations, designing design mobile and search engine friendly CMS websites and with my “Work closely with my client” mantra, I early on give you the best web design making the website design process much more easy.

    Competitive price packages.

    I offer quality service that can be customized according to your company’s needs and budget. The company’s design packages are reasonably priced, starting as low as $990 for a quality 5-page responsive CMS website design.

    Search engine friendly.

    All of our website designs, including e-commerce websites, are search engine friendly.

    Availability and Time to Market.

    I understand a company’s need to have an effective online presence as soon as possible. I work to get you online as fast as possible without compromising quality of design.

    Affordable Web Design For Small Business

    Simply tell our team what you want, and we’ll get you started with a compelling website or online store in as little as 7 days.

    Affordable Web Design For Small Business
    • Share your specific website goals, images, and files with me.
    • Sit back while I design quality content, helping you get found online.
    • Time to explore your new site! Request unlimited revisions within 24 weeks.

    CALL NOW: 022 394 2439

    Ready for the Power of a WordPress Website?

    WordPress has a long history of constant improvement. There have been five major versions of WordPress since 2003, and almost countless ‘point’ updates of the platform. Each one gives WordPress enhanced functionality, state of the art features, and a better User Experience (UX).

    I streamline the WordPress website-building process to ensure you receive a top-tier, robust website that precisely matches your specifications without the premium agency price tag. Affordable WordPress Web Design

    Empowering Businesses with WordPress

    The internet wouldn’t be what it is without search engines. We’ve had a version of Google for over 20 years, and other search engines have existed for longer than that. Because of this, building your site with the goal of reaching the top of the search rankings is a solid goal. WordPress is developed to help do this as standard.

    I have built over 600 websites in New Zealand and specialise in developing standard one-page (modern style) WordPress designs, and multipage designs, impactful one-page, e-commerce, and shopfront websites. Utilising WordPress, I empower my clients to effectively manage their robust online presence.

    CALL NOW: 022 394 2439

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